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  Quality Control
  • QC/Technical Support
    With rich, in-depth experience in processing and designing, longcheng has been in the leading place in the tools hardware line for a long time.
  • QC Staff
    40 to 49
  • Standards & Approvals
    ISO 9002
  • Obtained the quality permit of exportation mechanical & electrical products

        We implement inspections in conformity     to ISO9002 standards

  • Procedures/testing Details
    Our quality control procedures comprise:
    1. Quality check on all materials and hardware before production.
    2. Meticulous selection of all accessories that comply with ISO9002 standards.
    3. Supervised by specialized QC staff, every step in our production process is thoroughly checked.
    4. Final inspection of finished products and shipping package. This is also fulfilled by specialized members of our QC department.
  • Other Information
    Our objectives:
    1. To meet customers' demands with high quality goods and services
    2. To ensure high product quality through our quality management system
    3. To improve product quality with the latest technology
  • Quality Control Equipment: Physics and chemistry-related testing instruments, HRC and HV sclerometers, function-testing drilling & cutting machines, steel analysis instruments and other advanced instruments.

  • Quality Control Workflow: Includes continuous testing, from material analysis to quality tests for thermal treatment, inspections on the finished product, tests prior to delivery and a final check from our buyers' themselves. With such a setup, defects are kept to the barest minimum.

  • QC/Technical Support
    Technical support includes physics and chemistry-related testing instruments, as well as a work setup based on ISO9002 standards. In addition, the good co-operation with national research institutes.

  • Materials/Components
    100% tested

  • For more information, please write to our QC TEAM
  Contact Details


    One of Chinese leading professional manufacturers of Accessories of power tools

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